Bridge Health Services is helping companies protect their most valuable asset, their employees, by supporting their mental wellness through Mental Health First Aid at Work

Mental Health First Aid Training at Work

Mental Health First Aid at Work is a workplace mental health training program that teaches participants how to notice and support an individual who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use concern or crisis and connect them with the appropriate employee resources. Mental Health First Aid at Work is a skills-based, experiential and evidence-based practice.

Why Should Employers Care About Mental Health?


What We Know:

Good health is good business—and that includes mental health.
Mental Health First Aid at Work teaches employees critical communication and support skills that impact your company’s bottom line.

Mental Health First Aid at Work supports healthy and productive work environments by:


Where does Mental Health First Aid at Work training fit?

The training can be customized to fit into the following formats and more:


How do we design your training?

Mental Health First Aid at Work is different from the standard Mental Health First Aid course. Every Mental Health First Aid at Work training is custom designed to fit your company’s needs and objectives. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your unique training addresses your unique challenges. Here’s how:


Quality Assurance

We make sure your training is effective and meeting your company’s stated objectives by completing a pre- and post-course outcomes survey and report for every Mental Health First Aid at Work course.


  • “I use it daily when I interact with people because the key thing is to recognize when people may be suffering and to offer them assistance. So, when I’m working with a coworker and see that something is ‘off’ in their attitude or something is different in the way they’re interacting with me, I know I need to say, ‘Are you okay? I’m here to talk if you need help.’"

    Sarah Scoular, Cerner
    Sarah Scoular, Cerner
  • “Mental Health First Aid gives you good, actionable things to do when you see someone struggling. If there was a person choking, you’d want to do the Heimlich, or you’d want to have someone who knew CPR, but when someone is having a panic attack or an anxiety attack, I wasn’t sure what actionable steps to take.”

    Martha Tilmon, Cerner
    Martha Tilmon, Cerner

10 Things Employers – And Employees – Should Know About Mental Health At Work

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