Mental Health First Aid for the Older Adult

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The stresses of life do not disappear as we get older, in fact, for many stressors increase with age due to changes in health, loss of loved ones & changes in abilities.  As we consider older adults as one of the highest age groups for suicide it is important to remember depression is NOT a normal part of aging and as such cannot be “written off” and ignored.  Despite the stressors experienced it is essential that we continue to support older adults and help guide them to the self- help strategies and professional supports that can help them manage those stressors.  Mental Health First Aid for the Older Adult provides a framework for friends, families & caregivers to utilize to recongnize signs of mental illness, substance misuse and to offer support.  Recovery from mental illness can & does happen at all ages- find out how you can make a difference by getting trained in Mental Health First Aid. 

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